Biggest Update – WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress 5 and Woocommerce 3.5.1 Update!

WordPress 5 used to come out soon, on 19h of November 2018! In circumstances, they will move the release date to a later time!
The same time, WooCommerce is having a big update too, respectively started already roll-out the latest release 3.5.1. This release will running smoothly with WordPress 5.

We from Samui Infotech are aware about both new updates and assure that all themes, we are using for our clients, are working with WordPress 5. Important in situations like this is, that your website is always up-to-date! Meaning, that the latest themes are compatible with WordPress, plugin’s used are working with it etc.

If You think, You are not sure if your website is managing to work with WordPress 5, let us know and get in contact with us.

Soon, we will release our updated services, including updated terms & conditions! Stay tuned for it!