Bing – it On!

Bing vs Google!

We all know Google – as search engine – this is great so far. But a few people knowing Bing! (Microsofts search engine) – my experiences with it – great!

And why is Bing great? I am not a huge fan of Microsoft – but we all use it (so far when we use Windows…) And indeed, they are doing a good job. Bing is indeed a real competitor to Google in several technical aspects. Truly serious in SEO search engine optimization.

Bing does check important stuff on Your website – if You pass this checks – You will pass Google’s SEO checks too!

So, in facts – conclusion

Optimizing Your website to get in Bing great, You will be great in Google too! For all our clients, I am adding the websites of them to Bing as a standard.

By the way – did You know that Yahoo is using search results from Bing too?