Can You do SEO?

Are You able to do SEO for us?

This is a common most asked question my clients having. My answer mostly like “yes, but …”!

And about those “but’s” I like to write here… asking my clients in deep, what exactly they want, most answer would be – more customers. Fair enough – we all want more customers.

Another “but”, as things needs to be more in clear and what my client expect me to do. Doing SEO respectively SERP (Search Engine Result Page), it can get done in a short time. Goals needs to get defined together with the client, keywords needs to get found and much more. So, after doing this and doing the work, maybe by change text, headlines, images with correct alt and title tags etc, will get Your website on Google (such as Bing/Yahoo too). In the hope, that you will land on the first google results page, first position? Great – But there is more? Right?

Yes, indeed there is more! What was the goals again? To get more customers on your website? Or to get customers in his shop? It depend what kind of business is. A hotel for example like to have the approach, that customers would book a room. Also here, depend what hotel category it is, a hotelier might needs to consider to get walk in customers too. So we already have 2 scenarios in here.

Some customers try to find a service or a product in a normal matter, within the internet browser. Some are using Facebook for it. Might a few are using other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. In the days today those possibilities are here.

Again – we are talking now about sales channels – are those sales channels written down? I am calling a “marketing strategy“. Overall meaning, we can’t just focus on SEO itself, we need to include all online possibilities – an kind of topic for it is “Online Marketing“.

Besides all necessary steps needs to get done to coming up on a search result page (either in Bing/Yahoo or Google), all sales channels needs to get see into it too. And everything needs to get written down, so this strategy is clear for all included parties.

There are many factors, things needs to get discussed, checked, doing analytics for good or best practices. Back to my client asking “Can You do SEO?“. Yes, but there is more needs to consider!

If You think, this article might be a good point to discuss your actual website / online strategy, please contact us, we are here to help you, to grow your online business!