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Search Engine Optimization – Website Audit and Strategy Consultation inclusive!

– You want your website to be found and ranked better in search engines?

SEO is a process

It is important to understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term process and – in contrast to the creation of a search engine friendly website – is not a one-time service. SEO affects many aspects of a website, whether they are technical or content-related.

But before this search engine optimization (SEO) can take place, we recommend doing a website audit. That means – we examine your current website for any errors or elements that need to be changed so that the website is in the “green area” with the current Google features and vitals.

We test your website for content and technical properties. So result, we show you what should be improved – in order to “get through” with the latest Google Vitals in order to gain ranking in the search results.

We cannot do such an audit for free – but we think that the amount of THB 1850 is a fair price!

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