Cyber Monday Discount is coming soon!

Cyber Monday Discount is coming soon – Exactly on Monday, November 29th 2021!

Signing up for any kind of website project or monthly/yearly service on 29th of November 2021 (Cyber Monday) – You will get a 21% discount!

What does this means for You and what’s included:

If You sign up for doing a website project on Cyber Monday, You get a discount of 21% to the full project work price! This not include any discount on a hosting, domain name and other stuff such as paid plugin etc. It’s just a discount on the work we are doing.

This discount also includes, if You sign up for a monthly/yearly recurring service, such as SEO service, maintenance service etc. The discount for a service is occurring for the first 6 months. As normally we do a contract with every client for such service contracts.

Do You want this discount effecting for Your business? Then save this date, 29th of November 2021, in Your calendar and sign up / request an offer!