Easy Online Shop – Start Today a Project

Having a local shop and selling products might be not easy in the actual situation affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only that in circumstances You need to close your shop due to temporary government laws of lockdowns, but also having a local shop open brings you more costs and expenses than income, due to no clients.

In an example of having a local store, like a boutique with a marketing positioning of serving tourists, where no tourists are, will brings your store down.

In this case, we advise local shop owners to rethink and remarketing positioning of serving other audiences, with the possibility to sell online (such to have an online shop).

The possibilities of having an online and e-commerce business is kind of endless, and will open new sales channels than only having a local audience. Benefits could be – just to mention:

  • Sell products worldwide
  • Connecting a website e-commerce shop to social media (such as Facebook and Instagram)
  • Providing and adding products to Google Merchant center
  • Creating coupons for discount offers
  • Having sales and discount prices
  • New products will be online once you add them on the website
  • Connect your online shop with bigger online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, La Redoute, Lazada and much more – depending on your country you are in

Samui Infotech is able to create such a website and online shop for You. Basically we use WordPress with it’s WooCommerce for online shopping.

Start an online shop and e-commerce today ! We are here to help You!