Food Delivery & Online Shop

In a worldwide crisis and situation as we are facing now, your business will sadly be affected, especially when a government needs to ban places like restaurant or smaller local food shops.

Even if we wish to have customers shop in the real location of the business, or if you wish to have a great atmosphere while your guests are eating, maybe with some nice live music, we can’t do that much against – instead of waiting, and in the worst scenario permanent closing the business!

But hold on – there is a way to keep your business working!

Online Order from Home

  • As for example, if You are a restaurant, why not open a food deliver service? Having a nice website with focus on the delivery service or additional food delivery service, as experienced, you will get some work and growth from there.
  • Having a local food retail shop, you could have a great website, with an online shop system, so potential customers can buy at your shop, without leaving their homes.

Sure – all those needs to get planned, such as adapt prices, having payment system, such as online payment systems, or offline payment possibilities (pay on delivery) and much more.

What and how can Samui Infotech helping you?

Samui Infotech is having big knowledge in online shopping system, and how to build them. Beside this knowledge, we do design and develop websites! If You think, this sounds interesting – let’s have a chat in WhatsApp (Samui Infotech), online chat in Skype (Samui Infotech) or send us an email to [email protected]

Food Delivery Service & Online Shop