Google May 2020 Update – what we know, and what should get changed!

Search results got changed three days after Google announced the May 4 2020 update. Google warned it may take a couple weeks to settle. This is why that might not be good. Most updates settle fairly quickly with minor changes along the way. This update from May 2020 is different, as it was a big change!

A partial list of what areas are affected:

  • Local search businesses
  • Health related sites
  • Travel related sites
  • Real Estate related sites
  • Rolling out worldwide
  • Multiple languages simultaneously

Websites in those fields travel, real estate, health, pets & animals, and people & society saw the biggest fluctuations with rankings. Other industry areas was also affected, but not that much as those mentioned just before.

An important point is also, a shaking up in the Local search engine optimisation (Local SEO results).

If You think your website did a drop – either a huge drop or a small – we give you here tips what can get done and what needs to get changed and checked:

  1. Update your content frequently -> publish 4 articles a month on a regularly base
  2. Fix your thin content -> check if you can create more word counts in the pages, then go forward and check in the blogs
  3. Fix the SEO errors -> fixing the most important or all SEO errors, such as meta title, meta descriptions etc will help to get back on track

In facts and final word

Of sure, even by doing those “homework” already, it gives you no guarantee that you will not get impacted by any Google updates. But as I am always say to my clients, that they should write content for them customers – not for Google. SEO is about providing a better experience than your competition. This should be your main focus – then you find that you are doing better than your competitors – when it comes to algorithm updates!