Images, Copyrights & Law


Important Information – about Images, Copyrights & Law!

As per recently issues mentioned in internet, between a user and Unsplash (Beautiful Free Images), see the article about here, Samui Infotech is change the terms & conditions, respectively we force to use our terms & conditions. Further on, Samui Infotech is trying NOT to use any of those “free image stock” websites anymore – those are Pixabay, Pexels, Pikwizard and Unsplash.

We strictly advise all of our customers to use them own images! If we find images, used or taken elsewhere in the internet, we refuse to do any further work!

We advise the follow process, by choosing good/best quality of images:

  1. Do Your own images, if they are not great or good enough …
  2. Engage a professional photographer to help you to do images …
  3. Use images you bought on royalty free image stock, such as or Other stock images websites exists, but might be not cost efficient

Please follow this process, when providing Samui Infotech images, we need to use on your website. Either Samui Infotech nor you, like to get in trouble with a law-enforcement, in worst case not only by pay a big fee, but also having the risk, to take down your website!

To remember, Samui Infotech will be never responsible for any lost of work/business (in this case if the website needed to take down), nor for any law-enforcement! You as our customer, are responsible for your own business, including what we mentioned above!


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