It’s time to do an in-deep SEO website check-up now!

SEO Analytics, Ranking in Google and Update Services!

Long time You might did not have time or focus on your website. What did happens? Your website rankings might dropped down. When your customers found you on the first page in the search results, You might not be there.

In facts, you did not do anything on your website for SEO, you neglected SEO – somehow understandable – but now is the time to start over with it!

We help You to get back on track! We do this SEO checkup where you might neglected! For a low fee, we do an in-deep SEO analytics, where we check your website and advise you to do changes, if needed, afterward (either yourself or you have a website developer doing it for you). On request, we are doing if sure those changes for you.

In addition, you might using a CMS system like WordPress. WordPress for example is using a theme for the design part, you also using Plugins. In most cases the theme and the Plugins used to get updates – as long as You not care about – you might need to check if there are updates to do.

Beside this SEO checkup, we provide an Update Service, where we help you to update Plugins and the Theme (paid Plugins and Theme might not include our price, but we will do an proposal how much it will cost you).

We advise all our customers, as SEO is an ongoing task – and can’t just done with a one-time analytics – further more a 3 month service plan or better a 6 month service plan.

Samui Infotech understand that in times like we have now (due to COVID-19) your budget is limited. This is where we do have small fees for our services. We do not charge as much as other companies doing – so all our customers are able to use our services, without get ripped-off.

When do you like to start with our SEO Check-Up?