Local SEO – Or how to get better found for local customers

The way how to get better found for local customers

You might used several times Google Maps (or similar) to find a shop and it’s location. You will be surprised with the search results – in a kind of way.
Google will showing you all shops having those keywords and phrases in (either in the business description or name of the shop itself).

Google Maps Search Results

Of sure, Google is personalizing the results, meaning it’s depending on the location you are at the moment (mobile on the way, GPS coordinates, IP address etc.) – normally they are showing you the closest shops around you, as this makes sense at most.

What doe’s this have to do with Local SEO?

Why is it important to keep information up-to date and accurate in Google My Business?

With the question, what it’s has to do with local SEO – meaning, whatever you have as information in Google my Business, it will showing for your potential customers.

More information about your business and services

The more information and updated information you provide in Google My Business, the higher is the chance that you will get in the top of those search results in Google Maps (but also in the search results in Google(!). Mention the search results in Google, as they are providing different parts in results, started with Google Ads results, followed by Google Maps results and at last the “normal” search results from websites.

In positive circumstances You might get detailed information from different business in the language set by your browser. And when You click on one of those listing, in our example “French bakery” – You will find all the information from this shop respectively local business.

Detailed Shop Information

All those information needs to be up-to date and accurate, as customers will know when the open hours are, where the business is located (map marker needs to be on the correct address and pointed correct(!)). Also ideally that the phone number is correct – as in circumstances customers might call you.

What else can get achieved and get done in Google My Business?

The definition and “about information” what Google My business is as followed:

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. To help customers find your business, and to tell them your story, you can verify your business and edit your business information.

With Google My Business You are also able to add services, categorize your business, adding easy posts (offers or anything else), with linking them in different way’s such for example to your website.

Most important is having your business and images from your business accurate. Different kind of types of images, let’s say for a hotel you can have internal images from rooms inside, but also exterior images respectively surrounding images.

Having them best organized will benefit your listing for your customers finding it.

GMB (Google My Business) is also providing a review part, where customers can provide different kind of reviews, such as text review, review with stars, adding images to the business and all together in combination. Those reviews will finalize your success and showing other customers if it is a worth to visit your local store.

Final words and conclusion

Google My Business is a big help for your local business. Potential customers will understand in different ways how the business is doing and what they can expect there.

If You like to know more about it, or You are not sure if your store/shop is already having a Google My Business (GMB) listing, ask us today, and we will get back to you!