New Opportunities – We are here to help your business growing!

“If You go to a forest, you will realize, that there are trees and plants dying, but new trees and plants are growing”

Old and past things in our life’s will disappear, this gives us a new space to find new opportunities.

As the actual worldwide health situation, with all the actions we need to fulfill and do, we from Samui Infotech are aware that businesses from our clients needs to adapt. This not only for the short term, until the actual situation is “under control”, but also in changes for the future, so the long term.

Planing for short term and long term

Let me explain what this means.

In different business areas, you will feel a lot of pressure, to keep your business running. Especially if you hold on your strategies you created some times ago. Those strategies and goals can’t get reached at the moment, sadly to tell, that we do not know for how long.

We are all hope, that this time will be as short as possible.

We think, that it is the time now, to rethink your business strategy and goals, as we have a huge big unknown factor – time and how! We do not know when we get back to “normal” and – we do not know how the “normal” state will be.

Finding new opportunities

Business owners should start and adjust better or additional marketing strategies. A new positioning of the services they can offer.

  • As an example, a tailor having its local tailor-made clothing business, could additional start sell online.
  • A restaurant could do additional an online food-delivery business.

Of sure, we are aware, that in other business areas, like water sports tour operator or a sight seeing your operator, there are not that many things can sell online, as guests and customers will do those attractions in person.

But those businesses could do some partnering with other local businesses, and instead of sell only a tour, selling packages, so for example a one-day tour inclusive accommodation.

What and how can Samui Infotech helping your business?

What and how can Samui Infotech helping your business?

Specialized in find always new opportunities for our clients we can provide the follow services:

  • Help to create a marketing strategy for your business
  • Help to find what new opportunities you could to
  • Consulting in what information you could provide to your customers (we got recently a nice idea and mailing from a hotel/resort on Koh Samui, what they are offering in this time now)
  • Creating and fulfilled SEO services
  • Creating a website and include an online shop
  • Help to do mailings (newsletter, to inform your guests/customers)

If You found this blog interesting, and You like to know more about our services, please fell free to contact us here on the contact page or give us a call on our mobile number +66 87 281 2133