Quality of Content will Lead the Future

Today’s blog is about Google’s recently update in the search algorithms. We just write some small words about it with the most important points, if You are running your own website. There are many other good articles around, so we smash only a few things on the table!

… by applying BERT models to both ranking and featured snippets in Search, we’re able to do a much better job helping you find useful information.

this is what Google says in this article: Understanding searches better than ever before

You find in the same article some nice examples.

In long terms, and as Samui Infotech always says to customers, Don’t try to optimize for the search engines, optimize your content for humans. In fact, in the end all your information humans need it – not search engines! We think this is a quiet obviously fact.

What does this means for you, as owner of a website… useful content, useful content. It not matters that much how much content, as it matters more how good is the quality of it. Okay, let’s be fair – as more content you provide as better.

For the question: How Long Should a Blog Post be for SEO in 2019? Some will tell you that “300–500 words are best,” or “2,000 words should be the minimum for a blog,” or claim that they’ve found the “sweet spot” at 1,890 words.

From our experiences, less words are okay – as long as You do it constantly (every week one blog). If You only do a blog once in 3 months – you need to consider to do it more frequently.

We fully agree, some topics are easy to write a lot of words, some topics are not that easy. Keep it as You think would be the best for your readers. Define goals and a strategy about what your do writing. And this content needs to be in a best of quality.

For example, if You like to write something about insurances, maybe start with a question to your users. And go through all points why they need to have an insurance. Trying to compare maybe some products etc.

All those things will help You more, than write a lot of content without having a strategy and goal.

If You find this small blog interesting, and if You like to know more about it, feel free to contact Samui Infotech!