Samui Infotech – Who we are & What we do!

Web Development, Web Design & SEO Company in Thailand

You need a strong web design, web development or SEO company? Samui Infotech, based on Koh Samui, Thailand – is able to help with your needs!

Web Design and Web Development needs a full overall picture first

You are having a business, and You need a website redesign or a new website design? Or You like to add new functionality to Your actual website, where You need a website developer? Having Samui Infotech as partner for this tasks and work – you will not go wrong.

Our core competencies

Web Design / Responsive Design

Whenever You have no website or You have an older website and You like to give it a fresh design, we do create website with the latest trends in web design. We always put SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the foreground and include this when we create a website for our clients.

All websites we are doing are responsive and for 95% we are using as base WordPress (actually the latest version is WordPress 5.6 – with the codename “Simone” – named after the American jazz musician Nina Simone).

Online Marketing needs a strategy to get succesfull

Website development

Under website development we understand to get some more functionality into a website – for example an included booking system for a small hotel or an online shop system and other kind of functionalities where some additional coding is needed.

Special coding needs knowledge in different kind of scripting languages such as PHP, JavaScripts and CSS (in circumstances). Additional we do use tools and Plugins such as WPML for multilingual websites and Toolset, where need additional part on a website, we can’t cover with the “normal” standard WordPress repository on PlugIns. We do use Toolset for this kind of solutions.

SEO Audit on Request or in every SEO Service

SEO Services

SEO Services is our base service if You think your website isn’t working well on search engines, and if You think, You like to have a better ranking, ideally on the first page in the search results.

You just might be wondering why I not used on “Google first page” – as this would be wrong, due to the facts, that there is also Bing as main competitor to Google. Both are having a big impact on any website.

The important point in SEO services is, to get an overall view and “picture” what kind of channels the website presence should be, this includes social media / networks, email marketing – just to name a few channels.

Important is also the content respective it’s keywords, such as knowing your audience. We always tell our clients to do planning such things, as they can’t get done without having a good base.

SEO Services, inclusive monthly Reports

Online Consulting

Under online consulting we understand, to help you to achieve your needs, and plan the website presence together with you as our client. It’s also includes, to help You to plan online marketing and what can get done in an easier way.

Those are our main and core competencies. We hope You get an idea with who You can count on it, whenever You decide to do a website or use services from us – Samui Infotech, based on Koh Samui, Thailand.