The E-Mail and Website is not working anymore!

Actually, the e-Mail and Website is not working anymore. What to do?

This is the most common issue, Samui Infotech faced the last few months – from our own clients! The reason was, the clients did not concern too much about invoice emails from them hosting provider!

If You have a good hosting provider, it is usually no problem to fix things like this. A common problem also could be, that You are not able to pay with a credit card.

Samui Infotech is able to help You in situation like this. You just need to be aware, that some things are not working quickly, and in circumstances it takes some hours to working again. “There are real people behind the scene!”.

From the side of Samui Infotech, we will charge You some additional fee, between THB 500 and THB 1000 per issue!