We help You to get your clients back!

As the actual worldwide travel ban, the different situation and rules in each country are in place, all tourist related business are getting in essential problems.

Not having guests for weeks or months, will have a big impact and can end up with suffer this crisis.

Some days earlier, Samui Infotech mentioned that we can help to find new ways and marketing strategies, either to keep the business in a kind off “over water”, and planing for the future, to get clients back to your business, when the times are coming.

In facts, what can you do, that guests and new clients keep recognize your business?

  1. If you have all information (name, first name and email address) from your guests, create a one time newsletter. What can get written in this newsletter, we will talk later on.
  2. Create and provide gift vouchers for your services (guests will have so the possibilities to come back to your local business, when they are able to do).
  3. Let guests know, that they can book now (maybe with a discounted price) your services, with open dates, so they can come later in the year.

Based on those 3 main points, we advise to do the follow way – ideally by creating a newsletter. Newsletter will not be the only channel to do so, as you like to reach also new clients.

Additional channels would be:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google my business post
  • Instagram
  • Any other social media you already using

Creating a newsletter where we mention different possibilities to review the business or where customers find reviews from the business.
Place either a gift voucher (either for a one time service payment or a fixed amount for the business) to this newsletter, so guests can buy it, and come later in the year.
Let customers know, that they can book now, for any date in the year (we guess, this needs to be coordinated with all resources in advance, but should be possible).

What can you expect from Samui Infotech?

Samui Infotech will help you to fulfill those marketing strategies – for free! We will help you to create great newsletter, help update your website if needed, and we will do all social media issues where needed, include doing images etc.

And all those services, we are doing it for free!