Website Maintenance

What is website maintenance? And why do I need it?

In the days today most everything is changing in a matter of times, being it having a lot of times updates for security reasons, speed and other important issues. Such as Windows is having many times updates, a website, especially done with WordPress is facing also many updates, either on the core product WordPress itself, or on all the Plugin’s used on the website. This includes functional plugins, for example WooCommerce and design technical stuff, such as the WordPress theme used.

Samui Infotech is providing for this an Update Service. A monthly service, where we care for Your website, and do checks if needed, if there are updates to do.

Our core services for this upcoming new monthly based service are:

  • WP Core & Plugin Updates
  • Regular Off-Site Backups
  • Security Scans
  • Quick restore if anything goes wrong
  • SEO optimization updates
  • Expert advice in website related matters
  • Free Support Task’s (not more than 5 per month)
  • Monthly reports on request, eg for Google Analytics reports
  • Hosting providers issues (for example if they do server upgrades, PHP versions etc)

If You are interesting to get this monthly based service, please do not hesitate and contact us today!