Website Update Services for WordPress

Why is it important to keep Your WordPress website updated?

You run your website with WordPress and see for yourself that there are some updates several times a week or a month. This is normal behavior and problem that you should be aware of.

It’s not only about WordPress itself getting several times a year an update, also Plugins and Themes are doing updates. The reason why they are doing it isn’t that clear all the times, but considering it’s about security, functionality and keep things stable (compatibility).

Especially when WordPress is doing an update – Plugin- and Theme Developer will following those updates too, to keep functions working smoothly together with WordPress.

Samui infotech is aware about those updates issues. We do mention to our customers several times having an update service will keep the website, done with WordPress, stable, secure, compatible and function – to those functions what a Plugin needs to do, such as a Theme too.

What do we advise to do?

Advising to have an update service, will not only be a benefit for your website, but it will takes you all the headache away – when we are talking about licenses. Especially Themes, but also paid Plugins (for example a multilingual functionality Plugin (WPML) needs to get paid for licenses, if You like to keep them up-to-date.

If You have a complex website with several functions in, such for example an online shop or booking platform, you might loose the overview what updates you should do and what Plugins you should have an active license.

Samui Infotech is doing exactly this, and we are calculating based individually for each client/website what it’s needs to get all updates in time, without loosing and get lack of your website.

In fact, we advise to have an update service with us, where you pay on a monthly base, half yearly or yearly base.

Did we convinced You?
If You think this would be the missing part you need, to keep your website up and running, get in contact with us today, and we discuss what it’s need to keep your website updated.