You Want Create A New Website?

To create a new website, it can be a redesign of an existing website too, we helping our customers in all steps.

There are some 10 basic steps needs to get done, to get a successful website project done:

  1. Doing a best marketing analytics
  2. Helping to create a website marketing plan, inclusive branding guide, if there are some corporate identity available
  3. Find a design and theme fits your business the best, based on the step before
  4. Define all special functions (for example for an online shop, it needs to have a shop system integrated)
  5. Create the content, such as text, doing images or organize images (buy images or use a free image database)
  6. Choosing a hosting provider, fits all the needs, inclusive an email service
  7. Developing an put all things together
  8. Testing the website in different disciplines (this includes speed test, testing all functions (defined above) and much more)
  9. Put the website to different webmaster tools, adding Google Analytics code, eventually adding Facebook Pixel code
  10. Going live with the new created website and final testing!

What kind of website Samui Infotech is able to do?

We are specialized to do most all website types – most preferable for small businesses. This includes online shop for domestic and international customers, websites for small resorts/hotels/guesthouses, on request with integration of 3rd party systems (for Channel Manager and Booking Engine), websites in tourist industry, such as travel agencies (including online booking system). Ask us if You have anything else in mind!

If You are interesting to do a website, or redesign your actual website, let us know today – and we can start as early as possible!