How do I plan my online presence better?

I am not making progress with my planning – what am I doing wrong?

I am not making progress with my planning - what am I doing wrong?

You don’t do something wrong – basically. It is a humanity issue to stick and hold on, respectively not making any progress with something like this. We are different people with different capabilities – some are able to visual complex scenarios, some people aren’t.

What can Samui Infotech help You to make a better plan?

We are telling you that doing a plan will help to get a structure in your online presence (website, Facebook page and other social networks), such as communication with your customers – those already been clients from you for some years and new potential customers.

If You feel, not get any progress on this planning, we are able to help you. We have the knowledge to do and visualize as needed.

We see many companies not doing a good plan, or doing no plan. The result of it isn’t always great in the end – things will be not clear for yourself and for suppliers in different kinds of services (for example website creators when it is unclear how the design should be).

Only a few companies are doing great planning, before stepping into the development phase.

Why is it important to do a plan?

As mentioned above, planning is important in different ways and helps not only yourself to visualize the structure of your company but also helps better for external suppliers to fulfill their work – they do for you.

Some clients from Samui Infotech are having the feeling that a plan can exist only in their head – and not needs to get written down (in any kind of way, such as only documents or in real paperwork). If they are “working” like this – and not share their ideas, plans etc. will miss leading the goal!

For what kind of topics / subjects I should plan?

Marketing Plan - as it should be

Doing such plans are good for:

  • Content planning
  • Marketing plan
  • Creating goals for your company
  • Business plan in general
  • Financial plan

Any kind of plan as mentioned above will be easier if they are written down to share with your suppliers.

Why should I share my plan?

Why should I share my plan?

Indeed, sharing a plan for a successful business is necessary. It helps you and your suppliers to fulfill goals you have. Idea’s you might have will get into a kind of brain work and give discussions with a successful ending. Meetings would be easier to get done.

We are talking here from team-work. Team-work is what Samui infotech tries to strive for all the time, if this when we are asking customers to provide us with content and images – for example – as Samui Infotech does the rest of the main work.

Doing a website for example, would never be only the work of a website design and development company itself – as obviously the “message” of having content on the website isn’t clear all the time. Samui infotech would also not be able to provide all information, as those information vary depending on the business area of the company using our services.

Conclusion and what could be Your next steps?

We talked above about doing a plan – especially for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – as the main aspect there is that Google is doing changes and updates all the time. We recently published a blog “SEO Trends 2021 – What You need to know” – where we wrote about changes coming up in 2021.

Mentioned there changes in 2021 – we advise to start planning what is coming up – and what effect does it have to your online presence respectively to your website.

If You think You like to get more information about planning for your online presence or if You like to use our services (consulting), we like to send You a proposal and offer for this service.

Contact us today for it!

Successful Goals - Meetings and Teamwork