SEO Trends 2021 – What You need to know

Top changes in SEO for 2021 and what You need to know about it!

We are writing the year 2021. We count plus one year for all our events, meetings, birthdays and much more – compared to last year!

Samui Infotech is pointing out in this blog what main changes will be, and we show You in the next weeks how to build a sustainable SEO strategy for 2021 and the years later.

Main focus on the changes are:

* User experiences
* Semantic search gets more prominent
* Focus on search intents
* Essentials for local SEO (GMB, Google My Business)
* Content quality – still the king
* Increasing video for SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)
* Strong Branding (Corporate Identity)

What does user experiences mean in website design?

A fast website brings a better UX (User Experience)

There are a handful UX (User Experience) signals where have influence of the ranking. Based on Google’s new Core Web Vitals, it is important to achieve those metrics in the best way. The most important part is all about the speed (and all other related metrics, such as image sizes etc.) of the website.
Having a responsive website should be a big issue in the days today – as most website designs are already responsive. It might be a better issues how to arrange elements on a website, where to get the most impactful conversion out of a website.

If You have questions about those user experiences, and You are not sure if Your website does fit in – ask us and we will check your website about it.

What is semantic search and how can I increase it?

Semantic search, create questions and answers for more information

Under semantic we understand all combination of phrases and word combinations. In the earlier days of SEO we focused on keywords (for example “diving” or “scuba diving”), and having those keywords as “much” as possible on a webpage. Getting better results in the future we need to create better keyword phrases or even questions (and of course it’s answers) what customers and users could asking.

Think about a customers comes into your shop and just throws single words into your face. You rather answer back with single words or you create real answers.

In a normal way, customers will have questions, asking you specific questions, where you answer them in a specific way, so he’ll get all information’s he like to know plus additional information.

This is what we understand to achieve to “increase semantic search“. On blogs You could put questions on – and giving answers already, might useful to give more answers or different answers. It would be a kind of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), but on a single blog with focus on the main topic. Having an additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page would be a great benefit.

Sounds this clear for You what we are meaning of “increasing semantic search“?

Thinking on what people like to search, with the focus on search intents

Search intent, Artificial intelligence - the way how people are searching for

Having the focus of why and for what users, people and customers are searching for – when your website should showing on a top position in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

You need to create a strategy and finding the why and what of your website – respectively your business. A bakery for example, having a coffee shop plus the store to sell croissants and other breads – you can focus on what customers and guests would searching for. They might looking for a coffee shop (cause they like to enjoy a coffee cup), or they might looking to buy bread. Both is possible, so You need to point all things out – with your goal, to get customers to your shop/store.

In addition, due to the facts that there are more and more possibilities and users use different kind of “Search Assistants”, you could focus on questioning those kind of search intents. For Search Assistants we are meaning voice assistants and voice search. A main topic of this kind of assistants is covered by artificial intelligent (AI). Microsoft has his Cortana, Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant, Siri is the part of Apple – only to mention the most popular once.

You will be surprised what the results are, if You already used it. Samui infotech is able to help to create a strategy how to fulfill and increasing the search intent.

How to improve my position in Google Maps, respectively what can Google My Business helping my business?

Local SEO, Local Search, Google My Business, Google Maps

As recently published Local SEO – Or how to get better found for local customers, there is a huge potential using Google My Business (which feeds Google Maps) and it’s SERP in the very top part of it.

Having a listing in Google My Business set up, and all information are accurate and up-to date, this includes opening hours of a store/shop, better related images to the business and much more, will increase the the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and the search results in Google Maps.

If You are not familiar how to use GMB (Google My Business), we can teach you how to set up and showing you all the additional possibilities (for example by publish posts either for services or products).

Why do I need better quality of content?

Better Quality of Content, Rich and useful content for Your users

Quality of content is still the king in 2021 and will be in the future. Rich content with accurate information about a topic. Or explaining details or pro’s and con’s for example of a product, instead of only having facts of a product, will providing your customers not only that your company is having all the knowledge about it, but also give to your customers more information what they might need – to choose your company for their needs.

We are aware that put rich full information and content is time intensive, it’s needs more researches in different kind of topics, it might needs researches in information from your competitors too. Only then you are able to provide the best quality of content. You might need to use a copywriting service from external companies – especially when you are not a kind of typing-person.

In facts – a in-deep planning is needed, to build a content strategy helping you to get on the top position in Google search results respectively SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). this not only includes Google but also Bing/Yahoo of course.

Creating video for increasing SERP

Using video will increase your online presence

Whenever I try to find a topic, it shows me more and more of the search results videos before all other results. If You already use for example YouTube (or Vimeo), you might also have a channel for your own videos. This can and will helping a lot. But also needs to get set up the right way.

Using respectively having in the video title keywords, in a natural way, and having those followed points done, will helping you a lot to increase and get better on top position in the search results.

Quick tips for better targeting videos:

  • Rename your video file using a target keyword
  • Insert your keyword naturally in the video title
  • Optimize your video description
  • Tag your video with popular keywords that relate to your topic
  • Categorize your video
  • Upload a custom thumbnail image for your video’s result link
  • Use an SRT file to add subtitles & closed captions *

* optional but helpful, if you like target deaf customer.

How to create a corporate identity design – to get a higher reputation & recognition

A Strong Branding helps You to keep customers and get more returning customers

That said, just because you design those elements doesn’t mean they’re effective. A strong brand identity needs to work for everyone, both your internal team, suppliers from and the people who will interact with it (in most cases Your customers). As you embark on the design process, make sure your brand identity is:

Distinct: It stands out among competitors and catches people’s attention
Memorable: It makes a visual impact. (Consider Apple: The logo is so memorable they only include the logo—not their name—on their products.)
Scalable and flexible: It can grow and evolve with the brand
Cohesive: Each piece complements the brand identity
Easy to apply: It’s intuitive and clear for designers to use

There are different way to do it, either hire a designer (freelance or company) helping You to start for example with a great logo, or You might already have a logo and most things done, or the fine-tuning has to be done. This means that You need to define how to use for example a logo on images You publish to the website or social medias.

Samui Infotech is aware about steps like this, what You just need to do, get in contact with us today and we help you to build a strong branding.

Conclusion of the latest SEO trends for 2021

Samui infotech is able to help you will all those topics and points mentioned above. We are here to help. Ask us if You are interested to know more about it and if you like to start with a strategy to fulfill those points.

Doing a in-deep planning and strategy is necessary to be successful. We have for this part a start analysis from your actual website. Where we build in the top of it a strategy plan. this is a one time package you are able to buy as a service from Samui Infotech.