Little Hotelier – The Hotel Distribution

Forget being tied to your front desk waiting for bookings to come in. Log into Little Hotelier’s cloud-based system from anywhere at any time using your mobile, tablet or desktop. There’s even a fully functional mobile application.

Access anywhere, anytime

Because you can access Little Hotelier from anywhere at anytime, you are not tied to your reception desk. Little Hotelier is based in the ‘cloud’ meaning you can log in from anywhere via the internet. Whether you’re using a laptop at home, an iPad or your smartphone, Little Hotelier gives you unprecedented access in order to control and run your property.

Update rates & availability across all your booking sites

Using a pooled inventory model, Little Hotelier can evenly distribute all your available rooms across a number of sites – including your own website. All inventory is automatically reduced across all sites when a booking is made from any site, removing all of the manual work from selling your rooms online while maximising your revenue.

All in One PDF Information: Little Hotelier Information