Do Not Lose Your Customers – Start A Redesign Today!

Do Not Lose Your Customers – Start A Redesign Today!

Doing a redesign of your website is needed, if your actual website is old and barely never updated the last few years. You might think, having all bookings over OTA (Online Travel Agencies) used to be enough. This is a wrong approach, as You can do better promotions and special offers on your own website….

Staah – The better Hotelsolution

Staah is a cloud based hotel booking engine, channel manager and website solution for hotels, motels, apartments, resorts, B&Bs, guest houses, hostels and vacation rentals. We from Samui Infotech helping You to set up and run Your business with the solution from Staah. More Information and a overview brochure You find here: STAAH Product Launch – Hotel #webdesign…

Little Hotelier – The Hotel Distribution

Forget being tied to your front desk waiting for bookings to come in. Log into Little Hotelier’s cloud-based system from anywhere at any time using your mobile, tablet or desktop. There’s even a fully functional mobile application. Access anywhere, anytime Because you can access Little Hotelier from anywhere at anytime, you are not tied to…