Strong Branding (Corporate Identity) – Influencer Marketing

The Meaning of Strong Branding (Corporate Identity) respectively Influencer Marketing

We wrote in the beginning of November 2020 about the SEO Trends 2021 and what You should know about it.

Now we are starting to go into all 7 parts of it, starting with “Strong Branding (Corporate Identity)”. If You gonna search in internet, You will find also the term “Influencer Marketing”. Both – Strong Branding and Influencer Marketing are under the same subject and main topic.

The best way to explain what it is about, we do show on an example, from a client we are having. This client, Constag AG, is a small company doing IT consulting, IT Management, IT Services and they are based in Switzerland.

The main goal of having a strong branding (corporate identity) is – to increase the trust from Your company to Your customers with the effect to get an memorable visual impact to Your company.

How we have it achieved?

Back to our client Constag AG, we recently build up this strong branding. If You follow them on them website, You will find a kind of “color code” for each services, as an example we used the followed images for a main service “Leadership”:

As slider image on the home page we have:

Leadership Slider image Constag AG

On each pages (inclusive posts) we have the similar respectively the same image as header image, as seen here: Leadership

Constag Produkte Leadership NEUTRAL

On the sub pages we have the same image as header image, just added the main topic as text, as You seen here: Business Coaching

Constag Produkte Leadership COACH

As social media images we used the followed images:

for Facebook

Facebook Social Media Share Image Constag AG

for Twitter

Twitter Social Media Share Image Constag AG

Those images will be visible on Facebook and Twitter like this:

Constag AG Social Media on Facebook and Twitter

Conclusion and what You can do, to achieve the similar way?

It isn’t that complicated to achieve something like this. As mentioned earlier in the post “How do I plan my online presence better?” – if You are planning your company and planning the corporate identity, You are able to do the same way as Constag AG in Märstetten, Switzerland did.

Samui Infotech is here to help You, to advise You what could get done and how the best way is to achieve it. Feel free to contact us today!